UrbanRunner Advertising Disclosure

This is a disclosure for UrbanRunner privacy practices and is applicable to the website and the data gathered by it.

Collection, Usage, and Sharing of Information 
UrbanRunner is the only owner of the information gathered by this site from the time you begin using it. This information is shared by you voluntarily through email communication. We use your identifying information like name, email address, address to contact you, but this information is not shared without your approval with any third party.

We may also send emails to you, to update you regarding new products and promotional offers and privacy policy changes, unless you do not want it.

You are at freedom to terminate future communication from our side. You can see the data we have stored about you, alter and modify data, ask us to discard your data and express privacy and security woes. You have the choice of using the unsubscribe link in emails sent by us in this regard.


We aim to protect your data security, both offline and online. When sensitive information, including credit card details are collected, we ensure it is encrypted. This keeps it safe from risk of any unauthorized access. You may verify this by the padlock sign on the browser’s address bar.

We also ensure your data remains safe offline. Only a handful of employees can access your data and that too under monitoring. The servers are kept in a tamper-proof, totally safe place.

Our privacy policy shows our strong commitment to security and privacy. We may update and change the policy without prior notice at any time.

Cookie Policy

Our website makes use of cookies to help boost the functionalities of our site. Cookies in themselves are harmless. They are essentially small text files sent by the website and stored on the user’s computer or hand held device. When a user visits a site for the very first time, cookies store some data on their device. However, these cookies are not equipped with features to access data that users do not provide.

We use third-party cookies along with first party cookies. The third-party vendors send third-party cookies and we send First party cookies. Although these cookies do not compromise your security and privacy, you can still block cookies if you wish. However, you should remember that blocking cookies can bottleneck website features to a great extent. This policy can be changed without notice anytime. You may check at the page’s top for the last updated date.

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