UrbanRunner Product Research Process

At UrbanRunner, we focus on delivering up-to-date and accurate product information, along with unbiased product reviews based on authentic real-life consumer experiences. We have aggregated oodles of customer experiences using thousands of sources from the web to create our data based reviews of shoes and various running accessories. We do receive feedback daily.

Listed below is a detailed breakdown of the procedure we use for researching products, gathering data and creating performance ratings.

Our Data Set


We make use of the below listed general sources to generate our product ratings:

Forums/Discussion Boards

On an average, 40% of the data is based on the customer experiences and reviews published on the top web forums. We conduct intensive search for every product review by reading valid threads within top online communities. Then we collect and verify every post to make sure it is both relevant and valid for our needs.

Retail Product Pages

Close to 40% of our data is taken from verified customer reviews that are posted to product pages online. We analyze not just web only retailers including Amazon and Flipkart, but also brick-and-mortar brands selling shoe and running accessories, that have a robust online presence. We vet every single review numerous times, so that no fake reviews make their way onto our website. We also ensure the review author has not been monetarily or otherwise compensated for the reviews they post.

Product Review Websites

Approximately, 30% of our data is fetched from the other product review websites, often based on a specific model and manufacturer. We are aware of the presence of several fake online review sites, more so in the niche of sports accessories and running products. The owners of such fake review sites get compensation for promoting some brands and their models. To offer the most accurate data, we steer clear of such sites and focus instead on the authentic review sites offering unaffiliated as well as objective information. We also vet the individual postings on popular and larger review sites to ascertain the author has received no compensation for the reviews.

Publicly Available Information

We never generate performance and customer ratings based on marketing claims and product descriptions obtained from the product manufacturers directly. However, the majority of such entities offer detailed product specifications as well as company information and we use these data in our model and brand profiles. These are:

  • Material composition 
  • Product availability
  • Country of manufacturing 
  • Care instructions
  • Weight
  • Available sizes 
  • Current price-points for every size
  • Company history 
  • Shipment and delivery policies
  • Warranty information
  • Return policies

What is NOT included in our data set?

User-submitted Reviews

We encourage the UrbanRunner.co visitors to come up with their stories and we always appreciate your feedback. However, we do not actually incorporate reviews of the users in our product rating system.

What Makes Us Unique?

We are all-inclusive

UrbanRunner.co offers total coverage for all running shoes and accessory related stuff, for people from varying age groups and varying fitness needs. These products can be changed in accordance with pricing, availability, and key factors like material composition. Occasionally, we may not get enough customer data for generating what can be called accurate product reviews. We still strive to be as comprehensive as possible.  

We are User-Friendly  

Creating your optimal running schedule is not so simple. There are myriads of running shoes and accessories out in the market. First time buyers can find it hard to pick the right shoe and running accessories-as it is. Our comparison tool is both easy to use and straightforward. We also offer a huge range of individual model and brand reviews to help you choose the right products for your needs. We also offer research-based guides covering plenty of running and fitness related topics.  To find exactly what you want, use the search tool located in the site’s top right-hand corner.  


Data accuracy is a big priority for us and we do everything needful to make sure data used on our site is reflective of consumer experiences, up-to-date and correct. For this, we follow some established parameters for product rating.  

  • We assign every review worthy product specific baseline for consumer experiences and distinct sources as per feedback availability. For instance, we need at least 60 verified customer experiences obtained from 4 unique sources. Additionally, we do not use any individual source for over 50% of the reviews collected by us. If we just can’t gather enough consumer feedback, we usually withhold ratings for that product until enough data is obtained. We publish this information prominently on top of every single review page. When we get adequate data we list total number of authenticated experiences and sources. We always mention when enough data is not available.
  • We vet each customer review to ascertain that it meets a certain standard. Some reviews may lack enough data to prove the ownership of the author. We ensure a review author has at least used the product for a minimum period of 2 weeks. The review cannot be older than 6 years. Any review that fails to meet these 2 parameters is not included in our data set.
  • We check customer experience ratings by using a testing team- for sake of accuracy.

We are not biased or affiliated

We keep on stressing on this point and that explains why we have come up with a robust and carefully made editorial integrity policy. It outlines the ways we collect information, communicate with many companies and generate funds for the site. Do visit the page to find out the details or ask us any query.  

We are Here to assist!  

Please contact us when you are eager to know more on the brand and products, fitness related stuff or the site in general. Our team members will promptly respond to your queries.  

Our Product Rankings, Explained  

We rate products based on the below listed criteria:


We have kept ratings system simple and use a five-tier system:

  • Poor: 0.0 to 0.99
  • Fair: 1.0 to 1.99
  • Good: 2.0 to 2.99
  • Very Good: 3.0 to 3.99
  • Excellent: 4.0 to 4.99  

Now, we will analyze the factors evaluated in the ratings tables. The below listed aspects are taken into consideration while formulating our product ratings tables:  

  • Durability-It refers to product longevity and duration for which it can be used without any hassles or loss in user experience.
  • Product type- It refers to only material composition. You can use it to compare all products made from leather for instance!
  • Price- Our product pages typically list prices for all products across the sizes. Moreover, our review pages have a graph showing a brand/model’s price compared with industry averages.
    We use size-based comparisons. We never use any temporary discounts for price generation. We check each review for the latest discounts.  

Why is a product missing a few data/rankings?  

On some pages, you may find a few data points left blank or mentioned as not available or NA. This indicates we lack enough customer experience data for that product. You can surely check back for any updates and get in touch if you have any questions.

Where Should You Start?

We recommend starting with our guides to models, product types, brands. This will help you learn what you can expect as far as customer experience, price-point, quality goes. Also take into account your physical attributes while zeroing on a product.  

Once you have shortlisted a bunch of features, you can make use of our comparison engine to find out the choicest products based on parameters like price and brand. You can also select customer satisfaction rating as a parameter.

Once you’ve gathered the data you need, you will be directed to the merchant’s website to buy. If the product you like is sold solely in the brick-and-mortar shops, you may note down product details to buy the product of your choice.

Have any Question/opinion/Concerns?  

Have you come across anything in our site that may be inaccurate or obsolete?  

Feel free to contact us! We’re here to ensure your queries are resolved. 


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